Dans le cadre de notre partenariat éditorial avec The Next Women, je suis tombée sur cet article que j’ai souhaité partager avec vous. Suite au raz de marée Quora (assez vite retombé), il semblerait que l’avenir de ce genre de plateforme ne soit pas en péril, mais plutôt centré sur des thématiques plus précises… Sprouter en est une


Sprouter becomes Quora for Start-ups?

Sprouter, the start-up with information about start-ups – founded by Sarah Prevette- is announcing a re-design. They are refining their focus, reducing features and embracing that often repeated startup phrase “pivot.” They are doubling down on what’s working and re-designing to be easier to use.

They have decided to focus on the immediate opportunities that their Q&A platform offers. Their Q&A, despite previously being buried at a nebulous subdomain, has continued to grow and return high value to the entrepreneurs who use it. They have been blown away by the amazing people who have come forward to share their advice and by the rich content that continues to be generated.

So Sprouter has become Quora for start-ups!!

But given that Quora is already focused on startups and venture capital, it’ll go into direct competition, or won’t it?

Will their be a new shift of platforms? Will Twitter become the Facebook to keep in touch with friends? And Sprouter and Quora the new focus for startups and business?

(Quora is a continually improving collection of questions and answers created, edited, and organized by everyone who uses it) and Quora has gotten a lot of attention and capital.

Sprouter believes founders get the most value from Sprouter by getting advice from seasoned entrepreneurs and investors. Their experts are carefully curated; invited personally based on their experience in the startup ecosystem and their ability to contribute thoughtful and actionable advice.

Whether participating in live sessions, getting advice from experts or sharing experiences with other founders, Sprouter continues to support entrepreneurs as they face the various challenges of growing a business.

The Q&A has become an important resource for many startups around the world and we see a lot of opportunity to continue to expand on it. They have decided to focus on this opportunity and are thrilled to bring the amazing content that is being generated to the forefront of Sprouter.

So what are the new features?

Ask a startup-related question. Submit your small business question on the general form, or submit it to a specific expert.

Browse startup experts. Look through our list of startup experts to see questions they’ve already answered, and to find the people who matter the most to your business.

Search relevant content. Find answers related to your area of interest, and see similar answers while you wait for your question to be answered.

Comment on answers. Add valuable information to an expert’s answer by sharing your thoughts. Or clarify a question you’ve asked by adding a follow-up thought.

Vote and share. Vote answers up based on how useful they are, and share them with your network.

Create your own hub of knowledge on Sprouter. Your questions and answers, and the answers you find useful, are stored on a devoted page so you can refer back to them at any time

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